Why US Citizens Are Hardwired For Success

Why US Citizens Are Hardwired For Success

There are some people who don’t believe humans are hardwired for anything. And then there are millions of people who believe that we are indeed hardwired for certain things. For instance, some people think uniquely and they end up initiating or facilitating innovations. Some people think in a mundane manner and they end up with conventional jobs doing repetitive tasks. Every human brain is unique and it works in a quaint way. But it would be fair to say that US citizens are hardwired for success.

One of the best business building tips you can ever get is: success comes to those who dare and act. This is a very common essay that middle graders and at times high school students are asked to write. Nothing can be farther from the truth. You can have tons of business building tips, you can read all the books you want and it doesn’t matter which business you are in. Unless you dare and act, success would elude you. No procrastinator has ever succeeded, lest he or she has quit procrastinating. No thinker has ever contributed anything to the world, lest he or she has manifested those thoughts in some form.

US citizens are hardwired for success due to many reasons. First, it is the culture. Americans have the oldest democracy and one of the earliest free nations in the world. But present day Americans did not have a longstanding history. There is no ancient past or glorious heritage transcending a thousand years or more. There is very little on which America was founded and built, except the accomplishments of the generations since. Americans are thus hardwired to achieve something worthwhile in life. Americans, by the virtue of their upbringing, do not rest on the past laurels or do not gloat over the achievements of their preceding generation. It is this quest, an innate desire or aspiration to do something in life that drives Americans towards success.

Second, the socioeconomic ambience in the country hardwires the people for success. The American society is a potpourri. Other than the various ethnicities, there is no major identity or categorization of individuality. The only way to establish or develop a certain identity or individuality is to succeed in anything that one is doing. There are many countries which have their lordships, royalties, class systems and various types of identity. US citizens don’t have such baggage or luxury, depending on how you see it.

The world of education, jobs or business in America also facilitates this hardwiring for success. Higher education is expensive. Jobs are demanding and doing business whilst being relatively easy is extremely competitive. Naturally, one is hardwired for success to keep progressing, to pay off loans, to stay afloat and to earn a handsome living, unless someone wants to live on benefits.


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