How to survive politically in a corporation?

How to survive politically in a corporation?

Business survival is quintessential to succeed. It doesn’t matter which industry you are in, as long as you work with dozens or possibly hundreds of peers, juniors and seniors, you will need to master some business survival tactics. Business survival has nothing to do with survivalism, which has become quite a widespread practice over the last two decades. Business survival is about politics. There is politics in any major corporation and anyone who denies it is either joking or consciously lying.

Surviving politically in a corporation is no easy task. Being political often reaps desirable rewards but at what cost and what if the whole politicking goes wrong?

Here are some business survival tips so you can survive politically in a corporation.

  • Never run others down. Every time you run someone down, you are creating a potential Brutus. He or she may not be on your team and you may not have anything to do with them anymore. But the moment they would get a chance to stab you, they will. They might stab you in the back or right where you can see them. The more people you run down, the higher are your chances of being run down in the future. Now, running down doesn’t entail winning or getting ahead of others but not doing so in a manner that is unjust or what is unbecoming of the profile you hold.
  • Always win fair and square. Even if you don’t win fair and square at all times, at least try to create that perception. Everyone loves winners but everyone hates winners who don’t deserve to win. So if you have won and if others perceive that you don’t deserve it, even if it was a fair fight, don’t try to thrust your victory at others and certainly don’t gloat. Instead, be your normal self and reach out to those who are yet to understand your potential.
  • Attitude is your biggest weapon in the battle of business survival. You cannot be rude, arrogant, preferential or partial. You cannot even appear to be any of those. You need to be open, welcoming, a friend to all and a foe to none.
  • To survive politically in a corporation, you don’t need to lie or keep your opinions to yourself. You can always air your opinion but you need to appear to be flexible. The moment you are inflexible or rigid with your thoughts and approach, you would be in the bad books of others and that would make you a soft target of corporate politics.

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